Why You Need a Strata Manager for Strata Property Maintenance

Strata Building Management

Being the owner of strata property means that you own up all responsibilities related to the entire apartment including legal responsibilities. It’s not just enough to claim to be the proud owner of properties unless you demonstrate your pride through compliance. The entire property has to be maintained impeccably, and all legal compliance has to be met.

Not only during construction but also throughout the tenure of ownership, all necessary duties have to be fulfilled. Only after having played your role to perfection can you claim to be a proud owner. As it can now be understood, it is not an easy job especially when you have so many other preoccupations. Moreover, it requires a great amount of professional expertise about property management to deliver the goods. This post shows how you can manage your strata property in the right way.

Strata Property Maintenance

beech-house-propertyOwning a house and complying with the legal requirements of maintenance and upkeep is easier than that of a strata property. Strata property is similar to apartment blocks that have common areas that are shared among the property owners. The toughest challenge is to maintain and upkeep these areas in compliance with the laws. While owners can be very particular about maintaining their own demarcated areas, the attention is much less on common areas. In addition, the rules and regulations of strata property maintenance are not well known to property owners.
Strata councils are set up to maintain the strata property. The council looks after the tasks of maintaining the appearance and upkeep of common areas. They can hire a Strata manager to execute the job with professional competence. The manager would ensure that owners have peace of mind as all statutory and legal compliances are met.

Property manager or Strata manager?welcome-mat

Can a property manager perform the duties and assume the role of Strata manager? Technically speaking, there is no difference between the two entities, but the responsibilities are quite different. Both positions involve execution of property maintenance jobs to ensure that the property is well kept. A property manager owes allegiance to an individual property owner of the apartment. However, a Strata manager is responsible for the group of owners occupying the property. In order to avoid conflict of interest, separate persons should handle the roles of a property manager and Strata manager.

The legal angle

The owners of an apartment or the strata council appoint the strata manager more for meeting the legal requirements. It is true that he is also responsible for cleanliness and maintenance of the strata areas, but the legal needs are more crucial. For strata apartments, there are many legal requirements that have to be complied with. This is done perfectly by the strata manager. They make sure that gyms, pools, staircases, the lift area and corridors are cleaned and well maintained. Overall building maintenance is also ensured. They also arrange for proper insurance so that the investment of owners is protected.
In the case of any injuries happening from improper building maintenance, the owners can face a heavy financial penalty. Strata managers ensure that the building is properly valued so that replacement costs can be recovered through insurance.

Added role

Strata managers act like unofficial arbitrators when owners get entangled in disputes that can be settled out of court. They are looked upon as problem solvers for all owners and are expected to play the role of peacemakers. They receive directions from the strata council, and in their own interest, ensure that the council representatives meet regularly.

Strata managers are the most important executives of property management and maintenance who can add value to the property.