Best Stain Removal Techniques

Stains happen, and sometimes they are nearly impossible to remove no matter how hard you try.

While a stain on an old clothing item does not concern us so much, it seems they show up most often on a favorite clothing item or valuable carpet. When this is the case, you really need to find an effective way to completely remove the spot.

bleach-pen-stain-removalThere are many stain removal products available on the market, too many. You probably have a collection of some in your laundry room or out in the garage. If the stain is relatively small (dime sized or less) on white or very light colored fabric, you can try using a bleach pen. This product contains a concentrated bleach gel that can be worked into the stained area several minutes before washing. Most stains that are not set in can be removed using this method. Fruit stains or blood, however, may not respond well to this treatment.

You’ve likely heard that blood stains shouldn’t be washed in hot water as the stain will permanently set in. This is also true for fruit stains or any stain that is caused by something containing protein. A stain removal product with enzymes is needed for this and should be applied on the fresh stain. Removing old stains is considerably more difficult, but soaking for 30 minutes or more in sodium hypochlorite bleach before washing may be effective. If the fabric is not color safe, use oxygen bleach instead. Any solids on the fabric should be scrapped off as quickly as possible and the stained area rinsed in cold water.

Carpet Stains

While clothing ruined by a stain is frustrating, however, a stain on expensive carpeting can be disastrous. The best way to deal with carpet stains is to prevent the damage in the first place, however, accidents will carpet-stain-removalhappen. Some of the most difficult carpet stains are the result of spilled fruit juice, wine, and pet stains. All of these stains require a product that uses enzymes for cleanup. Of course, the sooner the stain can be treated the more likely it can be removed.

Pet Stains

Pet stains are possibly the worst thing that can happen to your carpet. Making sure your pet gets outdoors to do his business promptly is important. If the accident results in a deposit of relatively dry feces, it can be picked up easily without much staining of the carpet. A quick spray with a pet stain and odor removal product followed by sponging with water should suffice. Pet urine stains are more of a challenge, so immediate sponging followed by soaking and then more sponging to dry the area is needed. Several applications of a pet stain and odor removal product may be required to completely eliminate the stain.

If you have a unique stain you don’t think is covered here, please contact me and explain your situation. I should be able to help you find a solution.

We would all love to completely avoid any stain occurrences, but they happen to everyone. You can minimize the damage by knowing the most effective ways to deal with them.