Best Cleaning Tips From Your Local Business

If you live in Australia or New Zealand, you might know many cleaning businesses. Still, a few (if any) of those businesses would, in fact, be willing to share their secrets! You know how it always seems like a cleaning business seems to leave much better results, well it is because they know these secrets! Here are just a few of those secrets that may help you get better results.



Begin with the smaller areas, such as a mirror or a shelf, and then go ahead to bigger spaces, like the whole floor area. Think about the space in your home, split up into various stages, don’t miss anything and don’t over work a particular area. This won’t just help you complete the assignment in time, it will help you to stay focused. But the key thing is if you’re doing a major clean – always do the floors last as while your dusting overshooting particles will hit the floor and can be caught up in one swoop.

Know What Tools To Use

right-toolsSo you just love using paper towels, well, it’s a waste to use so much paper towels! You ought to experiment with microfiber fabrics as they are especially stunning for dusting. Microfiber fabrics come at various price tags and here’s a tip; you can usually find much less expensive microfiber materials in the kids’ section of the department store than the ones in the kitchen – bath department. You may also find these handy towels in your local dollar store.


Before you begin, it’s a good idea to think about tending to the heavily concentrated dust areas first. A good example is areas where electrical cords are – like behind TV and computer tables. These cluttered areas are a genuine magnet for dust bunnies! The problem is its hard to get in around these areas but you can coil, zip tie them, and the hang them on 3M adhesive wall hooks to keep them off the floor. This will keep the dust from accumulating on the floor and make it easier to clean the floor area on a regular basis.

Don’t Create the Mess in the First Place

That’s right, people! Put things away – when you’re done with things – put them back where you got them. I sound like your mother, I know. You should have small area’s in various locations like a junk drawer – or, hey, how about the GARBAGE PAIL out in the garage – if it’s garbage – throw it in the trash already.

Do A Little Bit Every Day

Here’s another tip – If you keep things clean, as you go, you’ll never have to actually schedule a week, or some other ridiculous period of time, to do it.

I know this may be a learning curve, but this habit will actually even help your peace of mind. Just having a tidy house removes a lot of clutter from your vision and helps you to focus on more important things.